Calitro – Verdeca 88/100

A good mineral and vegetable nose are the prelude to an intense and persistent taste! Excellent with an appetizer wine or paired with fish dishes and white meats.

Calitro Negroamaro Rosato 90/100

Its elegance takes over right away on the olfactory experience, its sweet notes with hints of sea breeze create the conditions for a long drinkability and good gustative persistence.

Calitro – Negroamaro 91/100

Notes of iodine and sea breeze and intensity of red fruits and spices that make this wine unique and exclusive even on the palate, which is persistent. A wine to be paired any meal.

Ausilio – Primitivo di Manduria 90/100

Elegant nose with black cherry, cherry, and strawberries notes create a bouquet that reaches the palate in an intense and persistent manner. An excellent wine to be enjoyed in company or to accompany meat dishes.

Ausilio – Negroamaro 90/100

Intense and with long balsamic notes, it creates pleasant sensations on the nose. On the palate, its balance and intensity give long-lasting emotions. Excellent to accompany meat dishes.

Armonica 89/100

Fresh and with Brio, excellent sparkling process of this rosé. Its fruity and floral notes create a balanced taste and long drinkability. Excellent for an appetizer with friends or by the pool.


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