Vitalba – Albana in Anfora 92/100

If you want to give this beautiful grape variety value, the choice of passage in amphora is farsighted and rewarding. The expression becomes elegance, the glass becomes intense and persistent to be enjoyed with every sip.

Anabla’ 88/100

The “Sparkling” version enhances the vine and makes it young and vital. Excellent for an appetizer, by the pool or by the sea. It doesn’t overwhelm the palate, it teases it with beautiful floral notes and sip by sip becomes all-around pleasant.

Vigna Rocca 89/100

The fragrance of albana grape enclosed in the bottle. White flowers, green hazelnut, and a vegetal note fill the nose with scents that announce a fresh, natural and well-balanced mouth.

Thea – Rubicone IGT 91/100

A deep nose leaves the olfactory mark bringing to mind floral and vegetable notes with a hint of minerality to transform everything into an intense and persistent palate. An excellent companion for elegant dinners.

Campo di Mezzo 90/100

The elegance of the vine expertly vinified in this young wine but with an energetic and lively temperament. On the palate, its persistence and intensity give it the faculty of accompanying any meal.

Boldo 91/100

A great wine, beautiful, full, a great marriage between Merlot and Cabernet that come together beautifully creating a unique taste persistence. A drink for any occasion.

Petrignone 90/100

Direct, unique, intense and with red fruits that create a deep nose and prepare the palate for great drinkability. A glass of emotions, for persistence and length, that’s excellent paired with any meal.


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