Granduca 93/100

“Gran Duca” another name of our “prince” of Sicily which in this version expresses all its organoleptic potential. A very remarkable 2012, a great wine this Nero d’Avola from the Partinico area, hinterland in the province of Palermo. Great olfactory notes that immediately lead to think of the sea and the earth, the vine and the sun which in this part of the world gives each fruit something magical. On the palate it is long, persistent and of great quality, excellent for savoring the longevity of this Nero d’Avola.

Black Label 89/100

A wine with great performances, desired by its producer who has raised this Nero d’Avola in barrels for almost a year and then refined it for another year in bottle. The result? Great olfactory power, the wood feels lightly and is appreciated, the balsamic nuances, berries and notes of undergrowth create an olfactory bouquet recognizable among many. In the mouth it is intense with a long persistence and prefers red meat based meals.

Nero d’Avola 91/100

A sustained, energetic wine, such as to give character to the glass and give to the nose the typical scents of the vine and its wonderful wine area. The nose is deep, rich in ripe berries, blackberries, mulberries, dark balsamic aromas and a floral note at the end. The taste is full, with good character, intensity and persistence. Excellent in combination with red and spiced meats or as a glass to drink in sweet company.


C.da Piano del Re Partinico (PA)

+39 335 6629801