Spezier 91/100

Its balsamic notes are surrounded by small red flowers. On the palate, it’s full, intense, it fills the mouth touching every taste bud and creating a great pleasure that makes it a fascinating wine.

Galion 90/100

The nose is ample and full of red fruits, currants, cherries, a slight almost marine balsamic note creates a bouquet that announces its great intensity and persistence on the palate with a pleasant iodine note on the finish.

Alimante 93/100

Its olfactory part leads the nose towards sensations of flowers and white fruits. On the palate, its harmony touches every taste bud as if it were to caress them but with good intensity and gustatory persistence.


Via Bassette 51

Località Santa Teresina 30020 Noventa di Piave, (VE) 

Tel. +39 0421 320438