Giuvanni 91/100

An excellent interpretation of the grape variety that takes on shapes and colors. Intense straw yellow color with floral notes and light citrus hint. In the mouth, its length and persistence give it character with any meal.

Lilianne 92/100

Excellent interpretation of the Nero d’Avola in Rosé. The scents of small red fruits, the spiciness, and a fresh herbaceous scent make up a bouquet that, in perfect balance, releases its scents in the mouth.

Euphrasia 90/100

Its straw yellow color with golden reflections releases a nose of orange blossoms and fresh herbaceous notes. On the palate, its length and intensity allow it to be paired with any fish dish.

Saru 91/100

The typical characteristics of the vine and of the Agrigento area are enclosed in this wine. Its mineral, almost salty, but intense hues make it the best companion of red meat-based meals.

Filippo ll 92/100

Many red fruits, black cherries, blackberries and a slight hint of blackcurrant envelop the sense of smell and prepare a bouquet to present to a demanding palate where it gives everything that the nose predicted in balance.

Lilianne 92/100

It is well known that Rosario Cuffaro has a soft spot for Nero d’Avola, but that in the vinification in Rosa he calls his Rosato by its name is fantastic, the fruit of the love he shows for this wine. Lilianne has Mediterranean and fruity nuances, small white mulberries, notes of peaches, jasmine and a light sea breeze. On the palate, it looks for every papilla and pays homage to it with its intensity. Excellent for a whole meal based on fish, a gourmet pizza or simply for a glass in the company of true friends..

Saru 92/100

Another interpretation of our winemaker Rosario Cuffaro, here the interpretation of Nero d’Avola is fresher and more direct, giving an enchanting nose of red fruits and cherries in alcohol to finish with a Mediterranean spicy note made of sage and rosemary that are completed in a unique result. On the palate it is captivating, lively, energetic, with a strong acidic shoulder that will allow it to go through the years with the same vigor as today. Excellent both for a glass in sweet company and to accompany red meat lunches or just to taste a sip of real Sicily.

Filippo ll 90/100

Behind this wine there is a man, Rosario Cuffaro, he is not the typical winemaker, he is an “architect” of the vineyard. A meticulous man, on board his tractor he seems to delimit every corner, every plant, every furrow and you hear him talking to every plant as if day after day he was instructing it in production. The result is this Nero D’Avola with an important name like that of Filippo linked to his family. The notes are enveloping and feel of a sea breeze carried by the constant winds that envelop its territory almost all year round. On the palate it is a whirlwind of flavors that seem to come from every grain that our Rosary raises with love.


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