Monti Garbi 90/100

A wine with an exciting, true, direct, long-lasting persistence. The perfect balance between nose and taste allow it to satisfy the most demanding palates in search of real and authentic wines.

La Bandina 93/100

Fresh with notes of ripe red fruits without losing taste balance. The palate is full, intense, persistent, the right companion for a romantic glass to accompany succulent meat dishes.

Campo dei Gigli 94/100

An intense smell, its notes of prune, ripe pomegranate and a light note of maple wood create the conditions for a balanced and elegant palate. A wine full of dreams.

Amarone della Valpolicella 94/100

Elegance distinguishes this producer, his wines are soft but with a unique character. Right compromise for a self-respecting Amarone, which gives continuous emotions with every glass.


Via Ceriani, 23

37030 Colognola Ai Colli (VR)   

Tel. +39 045 7650383