Tenuta La Favola

La F’Avola 92/100

Its notes are characteristic of the vine, ripe red fruits, a vegetal note and a delicate hint of pepper in the center. On the palate, it’s long and persistent creating the right harmony to taste a pure Nero d’Avola.

La Favolosa 93/100

A deep note of brushwood, a hint of tobacco, and a fragrant wood make a bouquet that announces an intense and persistent taste. An important wine for thick and rare meat.

Bianco 88/100

The marriage between two Sicilian vines. The Grillo that gives freshness and the Muscat that gives warmth make an excellent combination giving this wine freshness and persistence. A good match for fish-based pasta dishes.

La Favola Eloro Pachino 2017 91/100

I have to confess it! Since the past years, every time I taste a Nero d’Avola from Tenuta La Favola I can recognize the crescendo of these wines. Strengthened by a unique territory, on the edge between Noto and what were once the lands of Pachino, those lands that have always produced great wines. Then the interpretation of Giovanni Gurrieri, a fine researcher of noble wine sensations, transforms Nero d’Avola into a single glass. On the nose, the notes are deep, dark, rich in red fruits and balsamic notes. On the palate its intensity and persistence are combined with almost imperceptible fine tannins that allow a long and exciting drink..

La Favola Eloro Pachino 2016 93/100

A new way of interpreting Nero d’Avola, the use of the ceramic amphora, gives this wine more complexity and youth. Unlike the wines of his own year, we immediately find strong fragrances rich in red fruit, mulberry, black cherry and Mediterranean spicy notes. An intense, enveloping nose that accompanies a unique palate and in full balance with the initial olfactory signs. The characteristics are those of a new wine, with notes of undergrowth. It will be a pleasure to see the evolution of this new “prince” of Sicily.

Nero d’Avola Sicilia 93/100

The area kissed by the sun is the one that brushes the territory of Noto and Pachino, the undisputed land of Nero D’Avola, is manifested in the vinification of the Tenuta La Favola Winery. The wine is young and full of energy, its spicy notes are fresh and full of sea breeze as if to touch every note on the nose that enrich the whole of small red fruits and floral notes of jasmine. In the mouth, its length and persistence make it a long-drinking wine that pairs well with slightly spiced meats and covers a whole meal of great class.

Tenuta La Favola

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