Mandrarossa Terre Del Sommacco 92/100

In an area, where the Rhus Coriaria, scientific name of the sumac, adorns the lands of wine and grapevine (sumac is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory), the vineyard is born which gives its name to this Nero d’Avola. Its olfactory nuances recall ripe red fruits, intense floral notes seem to invade the nose and prepare the mouth. On the palate the wine is fully balanced with the nose, direct, intense and with a long persistence, it can be paired with meat-based meals and spicy preparations.

Cartagho Mandrarossa 89/100

Mandrarossa is synonymous with Nero D’Avola, this is also demonstrated by this wine that with a few years in the bottle its evolution becomes an interesting palate. The aromas are typical of this vine, which in its intensity and nasal width gives red fruits and a balsamic note of great interest. The taste is full, long and persistent, giving balance to the olfactory sensations and the taste in an exchange of sensations between one glass and the next.

Mandrarossa Costadune 92/100

The sandy dunes of the south-western coast of the splendid Sicily give name and body to this wine, a perfect vinification to highlight the characteristics of the vine and the territory are the perfect combination to enjoy this wine with pleasure. Its intense ruby red color brings us back to the Sicilian sun, while its notes of red fruits and black cherries capture the nose to prepare a mouth that is balanced and very deep.

The wine lets itself flow without ever losing its character, excellent for a good glass with friends as well as for accompanying succulent red meat foods throughout the meal.

Nero d’Avola Bio 93/100

An excellent interpretation of the organic Nero d’Avola wine with a particular focus on vegan as well, all contained in this splendid vinification made by Settesoli. The wine is direct, sincere, unique, with nuances of ripe red fruit, black cherry and a note of Mediterranean spices. On the palate, the right balance with the olfactory premises presents a wine of great persistence and intensity. Excellent pairing with a whole meal based on red and white meats as well as a glass in sweet company.


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