Vecchia Vigna 91/100

A dreamy Malvasia, a fine fragrance wisely balanced between sweet notes and floral nuances. On the palate, unparalleled taste intensity, excellent with aged cheeses.

Rico Spumante Brut 907100

Floral and spice notes in a full nose with sweet sensations. On the palate, it’s long, intense and with a good aromatic persistence that creates the prerequisites for a unique drink for the appetizer.

Reliqua del Podere 90/100

Deep iodine, ripe fruits, and balsamic notes with an olfactory length and an intense, persistent palate, not at all trivial because its sweetness is damped by tannin. It pairs well with salted and spiced meats.

Il Segreto di Marco 90/100

Intense notes, aromas of wild berries, dry vegetable foliage and balsamic notes on the finish. The palate is full, intense and persistent, giving warmth and harmony to the mouth. The right wine for any occasion.

Gutturno 91/100

Never was marriage more appropriate: the union of Barbera with Croatina with the olfactory notes gives birth to a privilege of ripe red fruits that reach the palate with the typicality of the right tannin to conquer the taste buds.


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