Pino’ 94/100

Its ruby red enchants at first sight, involving the nose in a swirl of red fruits and light spiciness. On the palate, it’s extremely direct, strong, and persistent, leaving no space, just a long and harmonious tasting.

Reseca 93/100

Its mineral notes find balance on small berries where blackcurrant gives freshness to the sense of smell. On the palate, it’s intense, vigorous and persistent, it envelops you, it takes over every taste bud with every glass.

Nero Maccarj 96/100

Iodized notes coming from the sea are the basis of the bouquet of this Nero d’Avola that expresses its territory (Maccari), formed millennia ago by atolls in the Mediterranean. Intense and persistent both on the nose and on the palate.

Nero Baronj 97/100

Ripe fruits, balsamic notes and a note of black pepper right there, in the center, to say “I’m the Nero D’Avola”. Seductive, restless as a true Sicilian, it makes everyone fall in love with it by entertaining the senses and overwhelming them with unique and intense notes.

Nero Sanlore 96/100

A perfect balance to characterize a Nero d’Avola. On the nose, the hints of red fruits, black cherry and strawberries are surrounded by deep and refined spiced notes. On the palate, its balance gives it an unparalleled elegance.

Nero Bufaleffj 96/100

A balsamic note invades the sense of smell, dragging every sensation into red fruits and spicy notes. On the palate, its strength and intensity give an unparalleled gustatory length. Its best companion is spiced meat.

Nero Jbleo 93/100

A fruity smell of red fruits, sour cherries, mulberries and spiced and balsamic notes at the end. On the palate, it’s appreciated for its direct, intense and persistent notes which allow it to be enjoyed by the glass with good and old friends.

Cerasuolo di Vittoria 94/100

This is an explosion of intense cherry on the nose without being invasive, surrounded by red fruits to give the palate an unparalleled freshness. Excellent, both for a good appetizer and for a whole meal.

Rosa’ 95/100

The Rosé! Strong color and territory, with elegant notes of small red fruits as a prelude to a persistent and intense palate. Excellent everyday companion and addition to summer meals where wine is the protagonist.

Rosso Jbleo 91/100

A sense of smell that brings pleasure to the nose, with red fruits, black mulberries, and a light balsamic note that compose the bouquet of this Nero d’Avola. On the palate, it’s what we’ll call ‘the right drink to love the Nero d’Avola’.

Rossojbleo 90/100

The Nero d’Avola to be appreciated every day. His nose is full of cherries, black cherries, red fruits, blackberries and black mulberries that create lively and fresh olfactory nuances. On the palate, in perfect balance with the nose, it offers the same anticipated sensations, with a great drink, intense and persistent. Companion of excellent glasses to savour the taste of Nero d’Avola, it goes well with meals based on both red and white meats, and does not despise grilled bluefish.

Rosa’ 91/100

If I had to choose between the nuances of Nero d’Avola vinified in Rosa, this would be the perfect wine. The color is pink, the result of the work wisely dosed in the good vinification of the “prince” of Sicily. The scents are immediately floral with a bouquet of fresh roses just in bloom, followed by sweet and sensual Mediterranean notes. On the palate it is direct, sweet, soft but with the right character, it goes well with consistent fish-based foods, white meats and excellent by the pool with long-lasting friends.

NeroMaccarj 97/100

One of the best, if not the best, of this edition of the 2020-2021 NDA Guide, Nero Maccarj 2017 by Cantina Gulfi, son of a territory like Pachino in the province of Syracuse in the most expressive district for Nero D’Avola. The mastery of micro-vinification by vine gives all the intensity to this wine which, even with a few years, promises a respectable longevity. Intense, complex on the nose in its red fruits surrounded by ripe black cherry and spicy balsamic notes. On the palate all the power and quality that only the Nero d’Avola “Prince” can give… to the health of those who can enjoy this nectar.

NeroBaronj 95/100

As a child my grandfather took me close to the districts to make me understand where the good wine came from, together with him I tasted the ripe grains and I dirtied my hands with an intense red. When passing “E Baruni”, the district located close to Pachino in the province of Syracuse, the taste was different, more intense, the grapes ripened with a greater polyphenolic charge. Today this interpretation is found in the splendid wine of Gulfi the Nero Baronj which, with the separate vinification by districts, manages to bring out the best conditions of this land kissed by God. You can enjoy all of this by tasting this wonderful Nero d’Avola.

NeroBuffalefj 94/100

The wines of Cantina Gulfi are the representation of Nero D’Avola, it is well known. Characteristics of the typical Nero d’Avola, more and more accentuated after a few years, in our case this of Contrada Bufaleffi in the Pachino area in the province of Syracuse, takes on characteristics that can only be traced by visiting the intense and dark soils such as those of territory in which it is born. The nose is compact, balsamic, full of ripe berries wrapped in dry aromatic herbs and a note of sweet and juicy black cherry. The taste is “libidinous” but do not take it as any sin but a sin to enjoy for all the senses in every glass.

NeroSanlore 91/100

Chapeau again at the Gulfi Winery for the interpretation of “Cru” in that area highly suited to Nero d’Avola. We are at the gates of Pachino in the province of Syracuse, in that southernmost area of Tunis which has always been the land of intense and unique “Blacks”. This Nero d’Avola, in the San Lorenzo area, almost at the sea level, with a strong brackish influence represents its territory like never before. The wine of a few years, let’s taste a 2017, takes on consistency, becomes intense, persistent, expressive, both to the nose and to the taste, a glass to drink in company and on great occasions of memorable meals.

Nerojbleo 92/100

It is well known that Cantina Gulfi is synonymous with Nero D’Avola, every year it expresses the best of this vine, and proves its unconditional love for its winemaking. Intense, ripe olfactory notes, made of wild berries and blackberries, Mediterranean spices and balsamic notes create a whole that overwhelms the senses on the nose and prepares the mouth for this delight. The long, intense, persistent palate creates the right prerequisite for a glass to be tasted in sweet company and to accompany a dinner based on succulent red meats throughout the meal.


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