Feudo Principi di Butera

Metodo Classico Pas Dose 93/100

A blanc de noir with bright greenish color and the olfactory strength of citrus and unique and intense minerals. On the palate, all the strength of the grape is balanced with gustatory persistence and intensity that give unique freshness and pleasantness.

Amira 91/100

Its ruby red, fruity and spiced notes lead the sense of smell towards those typical Mediterranean sensations of this vine expertly vinified to bring out all its peculiarities.

Syrah 91/100

Its nose is enveloping, with a great personality, red fruits, light flowers, and aromatic plants to prepare a palate for great wines. Excellent to be enjoyed by the glass in good company as well as to accompany red-meat dishes.

Grillo 90/100

Its delicate straw yellow color expresses the character of this vine which, wisely vinified, brings elegance without losing minerality and personality. Excellent with fish or white meat-based meals.

Nero Luce 92/100

Intense, fresh, with fruity and citrus notes and finally a sensation of Mediterranean spiced notes. On the palate, its freshness is reminiscent of the sea and small white flowers that persistently give every-growing emotions.

Insolia 91/100

Elegance and vigor that come from its scented and mineral notes that announce an elegant and balanced palate, perfect with an appetizer and as a pairing to fish-based meals.

Spumante Metodo Classico 95/100

Those who follow me know that I have always dreamed of a Nero d’Avola bubble in the classic method. This was perhaps the first to whom the honors go for having wisely chosen the grapes, the characteristics and the right fermentation in the bottle to give me and give us a dream. The nose is full, intense, with a long persistence, excellent notes of the light crust of bread ending in Mediterranean spicy notes. On the palate it is energetic, long, with a good drink, satisfying everything that a Nero d’Avola can give us even in this precious version.

Neroluce 92/100

Every year this wine fascinates me, excellent vinification of black grapes in white, excellent fermentation process by the Italian method. The notes are typical Mediterranean, citrus, lemon rind, white floral notes and light fruits, such as medlar, white peach and cherry. A good perlage accompanies the wine on the palate, where it enters soft but strong, fills the mouth and satisfies every expectation. Excellent for aperitifs, for a good glass or to accompany a gourmet pizza.

Deliella 92/100

If there is a territory that is able to represent the characteristics of the noblest of the Sicilian natives, it is Butera, in the province of Caltanissetta. Principi di Butera’s Feud is then the wine representation. We taste Contrada Deliella’s  Nero d’Avola produced from a single vineyard. Expression of this territory, it highlights a sense of smell where the spicy aromas dominate the red fruits and integrate with the balsamic and marine notes. On the palate it is enchanting, as if the years have not passed, let’s taste a 2016, warm, intense and persistent, in perfect balance with the olfactory notes giving sip after sip the perfect nuances of Nero d’Avola. Excellent for a glass in sweet company or to combine sumptuous meat-based meals.

Amira 91/100

A tribute to Nero d’Avola, “Amìra” the Prince, to tell the wonderful tale of this vine variety which in Sicily gives its unique, magnificent, heavenly expression just like every corner of this beautiful Mediterranean island. The location in the lands of Butera just inside the territory in the south of the island, a land kissed by the warmth of the sea and the thrill of its winds, which give this wine the consistency and substance typical of the grape. Berries, balsamic notes, succulent blackberries and red mulberries create the bouquet that prepares the palate for a long drink.

Feudo Principi di Butera

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