Feudo Montoni

Vrucara 94/100

A sublime nose announces all the strength enclosed in a Nero d’Avola. On the palate, it enters directly, makes space, it’s intense, persistent and brings freshness and balance. Excellent for a red-meat-based meal.

Perricone Core 94/100

An intense plum characterizes this wine together with Mediterranean spices and a final note of cocoa. The perfect balance is felt on the palate to ensure that this wine can be thoroughly enjoyed by the glass.

Lagnusa 92/100

The Nero d’Avola complains, it’s restless and nervous, in one word: “Lagnusa”. Its drinkability is long and persistent enough to give each taste bud every hint of this nectar that is the “prince” of Sicily.

Rose di Adele 90/100

Its mineral note already seems to be dictated by its blush color, the intense and persistent nose prepares the palate to cross its entire breadth transversely! A wine for any meal with meat and fish dishes.

Grillo Timpa 92/100

A straw yellow color that anticipates the nuances of the smell of white fruits and small flowers, and a mineral note that creates the base for the palate that becomes intense and persistent enough to be used throughout the meal.

Inzolia Fornelli 91/100

Dalle note floreali, dal naso agrumato, intenso ed ampio tale da donare sensazioni che ricordano in pieno la terra Siciliana. Al palato l’equilibrio olfatto-gustativo gli permette di accompagnare piatti di pesce.

Catarratto Masso 90/100

An intense, mineral, and fruity nose, with small white flowers that composed a bouquet of character that makes for an intense and persistent wine. Excellent with fish or white-meat-based first courses.

Vrucara 93/100

Feudo Montoni’s Vrucara, an important wine with a great personality. Each year it is skilfully vinified to give Nero d’Avola those typical characteristics of the territory in the heart of Sicily from which it is born. The wine is sinuous, captivating, captures the senses in its olfactory notes that tastes of ripe berries and a cherry that stands out above everything. The balsamic, spicy, dark floral notes to prepare a respectable taste that goes well with banquets based on succulent red meats and throughout the meal.

Lagnusa 94/100

The name embodies the character of the true Nero d’Avola, “Lagnusa” in Sicilian means Lazy, Slow, who complains about everything… exactly! Nero D’Avola, so fascinating, with beautiful and numerous leaves, in its grape contains that “Sicilian” that is, lazy… slow… only the hand of man with his desire to extract the best from it, manages to tame this wine “prince”. The nose is intense with dark notes that dominate ripe berries, blackberries and black mulberries while in the mouth it releases all its character which, with Mediterranean spicy notes, fills the mouth and satisfies the senses.

Feudo Montoni

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