Feudo Maccari

Mahâris 91/100

The iodine and balsamic notes form the background to an intense, persistent wine with velvety but present tannins. An excellent companion to a high-quality glass suitable for dishes of succulent meat.

Rose di Nere 89/100

A sweet but intense note immediately characterizes this wine, son of a land where the rosé has been a tradition. Its freshness and elegance can accompany lightly grilled white meats

Nere 90/100

An almost fragrant and intense note connotes this Nero d’Avola; red fruits and a slight note of pepper that immediately present themselves to the palate in perfect balance, intensity, and persistence.

Saia 91/100

Intense notes of ripe red fruit and at the end an unmistakable note of dwarf palm date. Territory and tradition for this wine that can be proud of its longevity. One glass and you’ll never forget it.

Olli 89/100

A wine that’s live with its straw yellow color; on the nose, small yellow flowers and a slight hint of pineapple compose a bouquet that unites this wine with such pleasantness that it becomes a sublime drink.

Feudo Maccari

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