Vedorosa 89/100

A beautiful marriage between the Grenache and Pinot Noir vinified into a Rosé. Excellent minerality and acidity that always accompany the palate to the discovery of new sensations.

SY Unocinquantasei 89/100

A beautiful expression of a Shiraz from Tuscany where it takes shape and vigor. Expertly vinified to offer a fresh palate with long gustatory persistence, an excellent wine for red meat and game-based dishes.

A Riveder Le Stelle 91/00

Its fine and intense bubble, its continuous effervescence, its peach pink excite the eyes and prepare the palate for a long, intense and persistent drink. A product worthy of attention at every glass that gives emotions.

070707 92/100

His notes are as unique as his wine owner, the scent of Monte Amiata, the vegetal and spiced aftertaste. An intense and persistent palate, an excellent wine to accompany meat dishes.


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