Chiusa el Barone 89/100

A few years in the bottle have given this wine the elegance that a good Nero d’Avola must have, intense and with a good olfactory complexity, it prepares the palate for a long drink. The taste is palpable where the balance between the olfactory and gustatory paths seem to merge, the good gustatory persistence makes it a good companion for first courses based on slow cooking ragu.

Folia 90/100

A good interpretation of the 2018 vintage for this Nero d’Avola representative of a territory where balsamic nuances blend with intense and ripe berries, aromatic herbs, oregano, Mediterranean mint and sage, seem to combine in a single olfactory bouquet. In the mouth it is rich in the same notes that gave length and depth to the nose, its structure makes it an immediate drink to combine with meat-based meals or pasta with full-bodied ragu.

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