Cutaja Riserva 92/100

The name indicates an impervious terrain full of stones, but on the nose this sacrifice of vineyard production turns into wonder, full, with ripe berries and balsamic notes that flow into spices. The olfactory depth prepares a palate of enormous respect, where each note, each scent becomes unique in the glass and then in the mouth. Its combination is preferable to any meal based on slow cooking meat and ragù, it does not despise meat in a pan and with a dark chocolate bar it becomes an excellent dessert.

Naturalmente Bio 90/100

In the world of organic wine, this Nero d’Avola is placed on a very high end and allows you to savor the “Prince” in a delicious way. The nose shows all the typical aromas of the grape, red fruits, ripe black cherries, mulberries, blackberries and a spicy and balsamic note central to the nose. In the mouth it is direct, full, it traces all the olfactory scents with balance and gives them to the palate one by one making them savor in a good persistence. Excellent for a glass in good company.

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