Cantine Grasso

Malvasia 88/100

A fortified wine that expresses unique pleasant notes. The Malvasia grape couldn’t be otherwise, sensual, unique, sweet, and long-lasting! Herbal or old cheese the best combinations.

Zibibbo 90/100

The nose inebriates you with dried figs and candied orange peel on a background of citronella that complete a bouquet on the palate in perfect balance with the nose. Excellent with desserts.

Mamertino di Milazzo Rosso 88/100

Just like the ancient Latins celebrated the “Nocera”, we taste it together with the Nero d’Avola, the Sicilian “prince”, to appreciate that together they make a great wine with a long tasting persistence.

Sette Aje – N. Mascalese 90/100

Its ruby red expresses the warmth of this wine; on the nose, ripe and intense red fruits prepare a mouth with fresh tannins and good persistence and intensity. Excellent for a table of grilled red meats.

Baldovino – Nero d’Avola 90/100

Freshness and character for this Nero d’Avola that’s young but with good structure. Intense and persistent on the palate it’s perfect to be enjoyed as a good glass in good company or with meat dishes.

Baldovino Rosato 88/100

Its pink note connotes a nose of small red fruits, peach, and pineapple. The taste is full with good drinkability and length. Great with an appetizer, in good company and by the pool.

Iris – Grillo 88/100

Straw yellow color with notes of small white fruits and with a finishing iodine note announces a fine palate with good minerality. An excellent companion for light fish dishes and for a nice summer day.

Mamertino di Milazzo 90/100

Make way for the Mamertino Bianco, Grillo, and Inzolia grapes to express a Messinian territory that is found in its wine. Persistent, intense, it makes for the right glass to share with friends or with fish dishes.

Sette Are – Inzolia Catarratto 89/100

A beautiful marriage between Inzolia and catarratto grapes that creates freshness, length and intensity for a wine that wants to express the land of Sicily. Excellent paired with fish dishes and excellent with an appetizer among true friends.

Baldovino – Chardonnay 88/100

A straw yellow color that gives freshness; its mineral, sapid note announces a balanced mouth. An excellent companion to pasta dishes with fish, shellfish and white meats.

Baldovino – Inzolia 90/100

Intense notes of citrus and white flowers wisely shown by an intense straw yellow color. On the palate, its balance is expressed by releasing in the mouth what the nose predicted. An excellent companion for fish dishes.

Cantine Grasso

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