Battaglia Graziella

Hic Est XXII 90/100

A blanc de blanc that expresses all the strength of the vines it comes from. The scent of bread crust and the notes of white fruits give freshness that also reaches the palate with good intensity of taste and long drinkability.

Donna Grazia 90/100

Its fragrant notes of bread crust and flowers create a respectable bouquet and announce a long palate and gustatory fragrance. Persistence and intensity make this wine easy to drink.

Syrah Terre Siciliane 93/100

Extremely clean olfactory details allow the nose to be immersed in hints of berries, strawberries, and blackberries with a note of white mulberries. Hints that then retrace the palate with intensity and persistence.

Frappato Vittoria DOC 90/100

Notes of cherries, strawberry and nectarine peach are the base of the bouquet that announces the balance of this wine on the palate. Intense and with good persistence, it can be paired with meat-based meals.

Don Vice 90/100

A ripe cherry note is the master of a nose of red fruits and a vegetable nuance. On the palate, it’s rich, easy to drink, intense and persistent. A great wine for contemplative moments or to accompany tables laden with grilled red meats

Donna Grazia Vino Bianco 88/100

Beautiful combination of a Blanc de Noir, the white floral notes, a note of citrus and the hint of sea breeze prepare a mouth of considerable interest to make this wine excellent in combination with first courses of fish or white meat dishes.

Grillo 91/100

Its citrus notes remind you of Sicily and the sea breeze. On the palate, it’s in perfect balance, persistent, intense and easy to drink, such that it becomes an excellent companion for fish-based dishes.

Battaglia Graziella

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