Serramarrocco 97/100

A “Bordolese” with the true power of Sicily, long, deep, elegant, with a great structure, smell, and taste. A Cabernet as it should be! True, intense, persistent, great companion to significant meals.

Sammarcello 97/100

Elegance and structure are enclosed in this wine with velvety tannins. Excellent vinification that happened with care, highlighting this wine among the great Sicilian wines.

Barone di Serramarrocco 97/100

Its length is already felt via the olfactory senses which gives out aromas of red fruits almost to penetrate the nose with pleasant sensations. On the palate, its balance makes it a great wine with promises of long aging.

Baglio di Serramarrocco 96/100

The expression of the Nero d’Avola in its most sensual way and attentive to the territory. Its fragrances lead you to savor it sip by sip in sweet company or with a red meat-based meal.

Quojane di Serramarrocco 92/100

Zibibbo reminds us of the Arabic word “Zabib” or raisins. In this dry version, it loses its classic connotations to become a wine for any fish-based meal, from raw specialties to a full-bodied oven-baked main course.

Il Grillo Del Barone 95/100

Never was a name so appropriate to express the importance of this grape expertly vinified to get its best! As a pairing, a glass to be enjoyed in sweet company would be enough though it can go with fish-based dishes.

Baglio di Serramarrocco 92/100

Mount Erice overlooks the Egadi islands, and its vineyards, strong in this paradise in the land of Sicily, enjoy its privileges. The result is a wine that can be defined as “perfume” – the perfume of the Cantina Barone Di Serramarrocco, its unique vineyards that recall the French style, its typical characteristics of the Nero d’Avola biotype, give an intense and mysterious smell, of salt and land kissed by the sun that makes you dream. The taste becomes serious, sinuous, from sweet caresses to papilla without losing character, on the contrary, it becomes a glass to drink in sweet company or to combine with any meal with a base of slow cooking sauces and finely seared red meats.


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