Assuli Winery

Lorlando Riserva 91/100

“Lorlando” name that evokes Sicily, heat, and territory. This wine will win you over, intoxicating the senses with red fruits, spiced and balsamic notes up to its balance in the mouth to enjoy at important occasions.

Lorlando 92/100

A strong name like the “Prince” of Sicily, Nero d’Avola. Wine of great interest due to how it is maturing in the bottle, the 2016 vintage shows excellent cards. A dark, penetrating nose with great performances, almost ethereal balsamic, floral and spicy notes to prepare a mouth where acids and mineral substances support this wine. Excellent in combination with real and toasted grills with large red and spicy meats, even if, with an entire important meal, the wine manages to stand up to every comparison.

Assuli Winery

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