Sette Anni 93/100

The years don’t seem to graze this wine, on the contrary, they improve it and create a protagonist nose that with a slightly nutty note anticipates an important and intense palate that’s elegant and of great class.

Perdaudin 91/100

Small white flowers, tropical fruits, and a light hazelnut note create a bouquet of special charm. Every glass is balanced with the olfactory scents and expresses good persistence on the palate.

Gianat 93/100

An intense and transparent ruby red create a nose rich in cherry notes and light herbaceous notes. On the palate, its tannin is velvety and allows a long and persistent gustatory intensity.

Ciabot San Giorgio 90/100

A smell of black cherries, strawberries, and berries, wisely integrated into a balsamic note that prepares a superfine palate with good gustatory intensity. Any meal can go with a glass of this wine nectar.

Basarin 93/100

Its fragrances are fruity, balsamic and with light vanilla and maple wood. On the palate, it’s fresh but intense, with long gustatory persistence and with elegant notes that present strength until the end.

Barolo 94/100

A unique hand, an excellent territory, deep notes that create an elegant and intense sense of smell. On the palate, it’s sublime, with the right harmony and intensity, it touches every taste bud and pays homage to it.


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